Breaking Your Attachment To Dieting: Lose Weight & Be Happy

Experience the freedom that comes with leaving your attachment to dieting behind!



Diet mentality. 

It can feel like a prison; one you do not believe you can escape from and so you ride the roller coaster of weight gain/loss, being a police officer for what goes in your mouth, followed by numbing out… you need the key to get out!

Food is never the issue.

It is all the dysfunctional patterns you have placed in the way by being attached to an ideal, an ideal that is safe, free from pain and that everybody loves. Nice dream, right? It is like the wallpaper decorating your prison.


"A feeling of freedom always comes with the conscious choice of what is in alignment with self-love. If you don't feel free you don't have a choice."  

You may not realize your attachment to self-destruction or immolation, it goes back to your beliefs about your value. 

You may hinge your value on what others think about you (which you cannot control), even if they never uttered a word about your body. You may believe your worth is tied up in how you appear, and when that is not okay, you beat yourself up. 

You choose to self-abandon, rather than seek to stop the madness. 

It is self-inflicted, the pain of being attached to weight, food, an ideal, an escape, numbing out, and so on. It is to stay focused on the struggle of a problem you cannot solve with a diet.


Comfort zones give an illusion of control, because things appear predictable, AND PAINFUL. 

Living your life diet-free might feel out of control, what will I do with myself if…

  • I am not proving myself

  • I am a total loser 

  • I am fat

  • I am pathetic

  • I am disgusting and other magical phrases you speak of about yourself!


If I wasn’t eating until I felt sick I was starving myself until I felt sick.

How could I hate something so much, and yet have no power or control around it?  

Have you ever been obsessed with someone and at the same time despise their existence?!  It’s a prison of its own kind. 

For 10 years I hid food, ate in secret, binged, exercised obsessively, and tried to unsuccessfully diet/starve.  It’s amazing I had time for anything else.  I consider my Bachelor’s Degree an absolute miracle.  

At one point in my twenties, I no longer wanted to live.  Not because I had extra weight on me, but because the pain of my attachment had become unbearable.  I felt out of control, was miserable, desperate for love and acceptance, but afraid to let anyone get too close.  I was a mess.  All while smiling, rescuing everyone around me, and attending church every Sunday.  

At the time, I didn’t understand that my attachment issues played a bigger role in my self-perception than I thought.

Although I had overcome a vast majority of my issues before meeting Tracy, working with Tracy on my attached relationship allowed me to see the parallels in the journey that I had already been on for years.  I finally understood why the work I had put into myself was successful. 

I knew it worked in the sense that I no longer thought about food, (imagine that!) 

I no longer worked out for hours on end, and I felt more in control but I couldn't explain the transformation or how it happened.  

As I worked on my attachment issues, I was finally able to connect the healing that I had experienced in both mind and body, to this intense transformation. With this new understanding, I was able to create a step-by-step program designed to help others who are struggling with feeling out of control, and attached to their ideal body.

ARE YOU Trapped In This Diet Mentality Prison?

  • When you finally lose weight as a result of a restrictive diet, you tend to gain back the weight.
  • You have poor sleeping patterns after eating too much or eating too little throughout the day.
  • You are so afraid of gaining weight that you choose to avoid gatherings or parties. By avoiding social events, you avoid eating, but you also avoid connecting with friends or meeting new people!
  • Some days, you starve yourself to the point your stomach hurts.
  • You are obsessively calculating Every. Single. Caloric intake.
  • Either you are grabbing everything you can eat from the pantry, or you are super picky and refuse to eat anything that is outside the rules of your latest diet.  
  • You feel like you are losing control of your body and your body could betray you at any time, by getting bigger itself without you noticing.
  • You find great comfort in food. Eating makes you feel better in the instant, but you regret eating after.
  • You exercise intensely for a couple of days, and then you put it off for weeks and months before you are motivated to ‘live healthily’ again.
  • You feel insecure, powerless, and hopeless over your body condition. Signs: Fatigue, stress, emotional ups and downs, avoidance of intimacy, development of poor skin conditions, etc.
  • You WISH TO TRY a different approach to permanently cure your problems, but you fear the unknown. You are afraid that you won’t see the results you want, and you’ll end up gaining weight.

If any of the above situations sounds like yours, this program can help you!


You want to believe that you are not alone, different, unlovable or anything that keeps you in the compulsion to diet. You want to believe in yourself, trust yourself, and know that you will feel better loving yourself rather than being attached to food other than being satiated when you are hungry. 

You can do it!! You can lose the weight without dieting, without continuing to be attached to this form of hell and thrive! If you’re willing to commit, this program will transform not just your relationship with food, but other areas of your life too!


What results can I expect?

  • You will be able to recognize and trust what your body needs. 
  • You will shift from loathing your body to feeling gratitude for it. 
  • You will see that your body wasn't the enemy after all. 
  • You will experience eating in an entirely new way that feels fun and light
  • You will recognize that the power to feel good is within you, not in another diet. 
  • You will understand what a craving is, and how to truly satisfy it. 
  • You will be able to receive the love and pleasure you want so much from life.
  • As you listen to your body you will naturally eat less resulting in less caloric intake
  • You will lose weight without the usual struggle.



OR 3 Payments of $1,500

One Payment



Three Payments



A preview of the six months you will spend getting control of your body

Month 1 is all about you: your relationship to food and your beliefs around food, as well as your goals.
Month 2 is all about confronting and analyzing your emotions
Month 3 focuses on learning the difference between boundaries and rules, and the idea that boundaries exist to help us feel good and establish a consistent, healthy pattern around food. 
Month 4 revolves around addressing the relationship between hunger and satisfaction in relation to food while also addressing your scarcity mindset.
Month 5 is all about pleasure in relation to food and believing in the idea that you deserve to feel loved, supported, and fulfilled, even if you are prone to emotional eating. 
Month 6 is the final month and it deals with your intentions.

Just think in 6 short months you could have a completely different relationship with food, lose weight and whether you are skinny or not, you can feel 1000 times better!

Or you can keep doing what you are right now…

You might believe torturing yourself by dieting is the only way to a happy ending. Hating yourself does not bring love, so deprivation does not bring abundance.

Food never replaces: 

  • Rejection
  • Depression
  • Boredom
  • Sadness
  • Loneliness or any emotion for long
Once you finish stuffing the feelings, you now have other feelings to deal with… and that will not bring you happiness.

Imagine being happy and at the weight you want to be!!! Yes, YOU can get there!

You want to lose weight and stop the madness; I know I did!


Is it time to stop this cycle of your attachment to food and dieting? 

You numb yourself with food by keeping yourself multi-tasking as you eat so you cannot tell how much you eat and sometimes what you eat?

Punishment never works for long as a motivator. Yet, you may do it over and over, because you believe you are bad or wrong deep down inside.

Sacrifice does not change your beliefs about yourself. [Learning to love yourself will result in weight loss. It will be the great equalizer in your relationship with food, as it is in all relationships]. 

Stopping this conversation: “I need to have better willpower and eat less, then this diet will be successful.” “I have never been comfortable in my body, at least if there is less of it, I should feel better!” “I see others who are thin, they seem happy–why was I born with this slow metabolism!”

Ruminating, beating yourself up or acting like a dictator to yourself since you clearly can’t be trusted to do it right. You lose weight, you gain it back…you never actually solve the issue at the root, you think it is the food so you’re attached to the diet, to the belief about yourself. 

Never maintain your natural weight.

Force is not what will change it, learning to value yourself, love yourself and treat yourself like an adult.


Seeing yourself at your normal weight not having three sets of clothes anymore depending on your size, because you have stabilized at a normal weight is big news! And entirely possible for you. You will drop the shame in exchange for emotional presence!


No more cheat days! There will be no reason to when you stop making any food off limits.


And what Legan found for herself:

My first step towards healing was to change my focus from weight loss to no longer living in my own personal hell.  I decided I wanted to just be free.  Feeling free was enough.  10 years later I no longer think about food unless I’m hungry.  I see it as a tool…..completely neutral.  I eat whatever my body wants, I quit running, I go for walks, and I’m the thinnest I’ve been since high school, before I began torturing myself with food.  

I broke free of my attachment to food.  No fear, no planning, and no restrictions.  Just trust in my body, gratitude for the abundance of food around me, and peace. 

What about you?

  • What are you waiting to give yourself when you are thin?  
  • What will you be worthy of?  New clothes?  A relationship?  Pleasure?  Confidence?  To feel good about yourself?  
  • If you’re attached to dieting and you’re in pain, you’re waiting to be rescued so you can LIVE.  To tolerate the pain of not living and not deserving you cope by emotional eating. 

I hope you’ll join me and break out of this prison once and for all!

You are worth it!




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