[12 months] Elevation - Full Pay

Are you ready to release what no longer serves you and make room to receive what you desire?

ELEVATION will lead you to exactly where you are meant to be and toward exactly what you want. 

Now's the time to permanently upgrade your desire for true intimacy and connection, and not feel suffocated and overwhelmed by it.


✔️ Become intentional in developing a deeper understanding of your authentic self

✔️ Identifying and releasing self-limiting patterns and beliefs while becoming capable of anything and everything

✔️ Experience choosing your destiny, leading to more fulfilling relationships with others

✔️ Shift your energy to be in control of your emotional state, so you know there is nothing more powerful than the love inside of you

✔️ Let go of the past and watch everything add up for you, for your “good” in all ways. ALWAYS.

✔️  LOVE IS ALL THERE IS; it is a magnet to every bit of the life that you want, let it fully in and watch all the good expand to attract the people, places and situations you desire.


$7,399.00 USD