The Method to change from the inside out - in a flash!

I’m ready for change!

You know how to SHINE! 

There’s nothing like setting a goal and going all-in to achieve it. Whether it’s securing a promotion, landing that client, or helping others in need, you always deliver. You secretly enjoy the admiring glances and comments like “of course, you won” and “you make it look so easy!”

The truth is looking successful is hard work.

You know how to work hard. Reading books, taking courses, doing research, perfecting, and polishing in pursuit of the next reward. It keeps you b-u-s-y. Too busy for a meaningful personal life. 

Everything looks golden from the outside: your Instagram-worthy lifestyle, beautiful family, charitable work . . . but underneath that shiny exterior, you don’t feel the fulfillment you expected. You may have a relationship that doesn’t live up to the facade and you worry that this is the best it will ever be.

It’s not like you haven’t tried!

Self-help is your favorite investment: whether it’s books, coaching, courses, or counseling. In spite of all these things, you keep finding yourself single - or worse - stuck in an unhappy relationship. 

When relationship after relationship goes wrong, you realize there is one constant - yourself. Part of you has been resisting the change. I know that’s frustrating as hell, but it’s also good news.

The good news is you already have the answers - you just couldn’t see them. You CAN learn to uncover the method for attracting the life you want. And it all starts here.

You’ve come to the fork in the road. 

The point where you can choose from two options.

Option one:


Think your way to the life you want. You know how to set goals, take action, and power through the hard times.  If you can figure out the “right” thoughts and actions, you’ll finally feel HAPPY! Rainbows and sunshine can fly out of your ass, too. 🙄


I applaud your attitude. But you’re attacking the wrong problem.

Option two:

Try something different. Recognize that the approach you’ve taken so far has brought you here. And here - in this moment - you’re still unhappy. 

Learn the method so you can find the subconscious roots of the things you want to change. Empower yourself to STOP those familiar thoughts quickly, at any time, any place, and in any situation. You’ll lift the dark, heavy clouds of doubt from the back of your mind. Instantly, you’ll feel lighter, happier, and at peace.

Driven to succeed!

That’s more than the frame for your license plate, it’s your motto. Life doesn’t happen to you. You make life happen!

Achievements and compliments make you feel elated, excited, and ready to shout from the rooftops.

Lately, you’ve noticed that success isn’t as fun because you’ve already been there and done that. 

You anticipate the thrill of victory every time you reach a new peak, but instead, you find yourself climbing another mountain.

You want to feel happier, to have bigger rewards, to be more fulfilled in a way you haven’t experienced - yet.

So you...

But no matter how hard you try, your smile doesn’t reach your eyes. Even the biggest distractions don’t last - and you can’t hide from the feelings that you’re not safe, or worthy, or enough.


This is when I want to tell you that you’re already enough, you’re completely worthy, and you can have safety.

You’ve heard all of that before. You’ve told yourself those things before. The problem is your subconscious mind has been blocking you from actually listening and believing those messages.You’re exhausted from riding the waves of your circumstances and you wonder . . . is it possible to feel peace? (spoiler alert: yes, it’s possible for YOU)

Instead of constantly moving from excited to anxious, you can have a strong, secure foundation - the kind that withstands the shitstorms of life. 

  • No more feeling like a duck (appearing to glide smoothly across the water while paddling furiously under the surface)
  • You can stop: trying to be tough, pushing through the pain, and (ugh) forcing yourself to “keep calm and carry on”

Finally, you’ll be in the eye of the storm - aware of what is swirling around you without getting caught up in it.

Let’s take a moment to understand the feeling of peace 

Imagine exercising until you glow and then taking a nice, long shower. You dry off and get dressed in your most comfortable pajamas. As you sink into the clean, crisp sheets, your whole body sighs with contentment. Calm, smiling, fully present bliss.

This is where you are and it’s where you want to be ALL THE TIME. There is no thinking about what else you should be doing. No worries.

You’re at peace with the Universe and yourself

That feeling is what you’ll experience - all the way through your soul - when you have the tools to shift at the subconscious level. By committing to the method, you’re giving yourself this gift.



You won’t want to go back to your old way of living, even if it was possible. 

Why would you? 

The butterfly doesn’t ask to be turned back into a caterpillar.

You’ll experience a spiritual evolution that puts you in touch with your infinite self. Everything in your life will evolve - in the best way possible. The newly awakened you will shift ALL of your relationships (friends, family, lovers, career, mind, body . . .)


Will the method Work for Me?

Bringing the method  into your daily life will move you faster than any form of therapy out there. But first, you have to learn it, allow it (welcome it) and embody it.


How the method works 

You’ll spend 6 months learning and practicing the process that will change the rest of your life - for the better! 

There are two phases of the method  program - with a retreat in between. Once you’ve mastered these phases, you’ll have the power to instantly shift at the subconscious level because it will be second nature to you.

You’ll be able to:

  • Feel your feelings without being overwhelmed by them; no more stuffing them with gallons of ice cream, extreme workouts, shopping, hangovers and so on (unless of course you want to)
  • Deal with emotional triggers in a healthy way so you remain in power (of yourself)
  • Understand the motivations behind your actions, so you make the best choices.
  • Do things because you want to - not out of obligation, shame, or a need to prove yourself
  • Be happy regardless of the external circumstances
  • Set boundaries for your own sense of safety and self-worth
  • Go BIG and go home…happily.

Phase One: The foundation (first 90 days)


Most people make the same choices all the time because they are on autopilot or consciously fear doing something different. 

The method  makes your choices easier since you’ll no longer feel the same way about your situation. You’ll finally feel free to do what you want for your best and most fulfilling life!

The first 3 months are focused on building the foundation for your success.  You’ll begin with the important education that allows you to be READY for the method.

You’ll learn the 6 E’s that form the pillars of your emotional growth.

Each level of “E” is about taking action in that area - which prepares you for the next level. As you take these steps in order, they will allow you to embody the method .

In phase one, you’re creating the basis for the method  to work inside of you

You’ll learn how to:

  • Trust yourself 
  • Stop beating yourself up 
  • Feel good even when life around you is shit
  • Detach from the details of your success - quit fighting so hard to hold onto it and be open to receiving the even greater success that was awaiting you all along.

You CAN do this and have the life you really want to have. 

The Retreat

Toward the end of the first 90 days in September/October 2022, I will be hosting a retreat at my home in the Los Angeles area. 

The 2-day retreat will get you ready to embody the method and experience a major shift in your perspective, psyche, and feelings.

Enjoy rest, relaxation, and growth as you’re surrounded by the beauty of nature in this tranquil setting. 

  • Spend quiet moments in the private zen garden with two statues imported from Bali 
  • Sit on the decks and share meaningful conversations with your new friends as the breeze floats around you
  • Explore the amazing 360-degree views from inside the house

Nature is very prominent here and its beauty is obvious no matter where you are - inside or out.



You’ll walk away from the weekend feeling like you’re at the next level (but still you!). You’re starting to evolve into your most abundant self. 

If you can’t attend live, we’ll send you the educational aspects over Zoom.

The best will still be coming in the form of the second 90 days.

You’re going to learn just how deeply powerful you truly are!

Phase Two: The embodiment (second 90 days)


In the second ninety days, you’ll learn each part of the method and how it works.


Discover how motivation influences your practice and how to have the correct motivation to apply the method.


You’ll complete exercises using the method  until it becomes second nature to you. You will also have a practicum (which is the 30-day check-in after the program ends) for accountability and advice.

Pattern Interrupt

Before starting this program your life was built on patterns of behavior - because these behaviors were so ingrained they seemed like personality traits. You’ll learn how to STOP yourself before repeating problematic patterns.

Internal Validation

You won’t need to depend on others to reassure you that you’re successful, smart, accomplished, worthy, or lovable. You won’t be riding the waves of circumstances. You will know - to your core - that you’re valuable no matter what.

Going Deeper

Coaching helps you to unravel your story, but it’s too easy to get caught up in the details of what is wrong in your life. In the method  you’ll learn techniques that go beyond the surface details to make changes at your subconscious level.

You’ll make internal shifts that change your perceptions and awareness. You’ll be learning and applying the method  so you can feel amazing inside. Then you’ll repeat it until it feels as natural to you as breathing.

Bonus: The Practicum

For the 30 days after the program ends, you’ll be able to check with your advisor on Marco Polo for accountability and support. 

You’re continuing to practice a new skill - one you can use for the rest of your life. We’re excited to advise you and cheer you on!

This is my time - sign me up!

The End Result

After six months in the method program, you’ll have confidence in yourself to handle “difficult” situations with grace. 

You’ll be able to keep your cool and maintain your boundaries - even in circumstances that would have triggered the old version of you.

You won’t need another program unless you choose to learn other methods to add to your tool chest. 

If life events happen that spark your desire to learn more, you’ll make that choice from a place of strength. You’ll feel at ease and comfortable with your ability to embody the method.

You’ll amaze yourself with the possibilities: look at what you thought was your best life a year ago, and then grow beyond it!

You’ll be able to accomplish whatever you want -  in the most fulfilling and joyful way possible. 

You’re going to live in the world you’ve always wanted.

Value & Investment


3 months Phase 1: The Foundation  

valued at $2,500.00


Retreat Experience at Tracy’s home in Los Angeles

  valued at $5,000.00


3 months Phase 2: The Embodiment  

valued at $5,000.00


30-day Practicum: Advisor for Accountability + Support

valued at $2,000.00


The Mastermind Aspect + Bonding with Other Participants

valued at $10,000.00


Being able to instantly get unstuck anytime - for life

Value: Priceless

Total Value:  $24,500 + more

General Public

Payment Plan


4 payments


One Payment


Saves $503


[if you haven’t previously signed up for one of our coaching programs, you receive [6] 30 minute coaching sessions to help you in expediting your ability to do the method.]

Current students or graduates of my programs 

Payment Plan


4 payments


One Payment


Saves $503


There is limited space for the method so sign up as early as possible to reserve your spot.

I’m ready to invest in MYSELF

The Details

When does this program begin?

The method starts the week of July 19th


How long is the program? 

It lasts six months



Is there coaching?

No coaching is involved in this program, unless you are brand new to this work [you receive [6] 30 minute sessions in your package]. If you want more coaching you can do that separately either as 1:1 or by joining Mastery.




F. Woods

"Thank you to Tracy Crossley Boswell and all of the moderators who responded throughout this part of my journey! I'm so glad I took this course. I'm not as fearful of my emotions; I now know that I will survive sitting with them until they pass. I feel emboldened—like I have wind in my sails—so I look forward to what comes next! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"


"You have opened the door to a whole new world of possibilities. I don’t have to remain stuck in that excruciatingly unconscious pattern. Thank you for the understanding, the tools, and your terrific sense of humor."

Karen K.

"This has been such an informative month and has raised my self-awareness. Thank you for all the hard work you and your team put into producing the material and bringing us these daily lessons. I’ve become more conscious of my inner critic and I’m remembering to be kind to myself as I continue to evolve!"

About Tracy


Tracy Crossley is a Behavioral Attunement Expert, Author and Podcast Host who helps those with extraordinary strength and unwavering courage to increase their emotional well-being through deep techniques in mindset + motivation, especially when life hands them a shit sandwich. Tracy helps to transform patterns of limitation and emotional burnout that can suck them dry, so they can bring self-actualization to their daily living.

I’m all in on improving my life with the method